Nasko N-SPACE [SNAP HEAP] [Synth Presets]

FANTASTiC | 05 December 2023 | 1 KB
N-SPACE builds and improves upon the kHs Reverb Snapin, adding flavor and complex features while being easy to use.

This rack tries to improve the stock reverb snapin inside the kilohearts eco system by adding pre-reverb chorus and parallel filtering to add flavor and mixability.

On top of improving the stock reverb process, N-SPACE lets you mix in a SHIMMER effect, which adds 2 higher octave signals into the WET reverb signal, resulting in more complexity and beautiful soundscapes.

Finally the GATE/DUCK feature.

GATE allows for gating the Reverb to the incoming signal, resulting in the same volume behavior the dry signal has.

DUCK, the most useful feature out of the bunch, lets you duck the reverb signal when the dry signal is playing, making it incredibly easy to mix the reverb without taking away from the dynamics of the dry signal.

DECAY: Sets the reverb decay: 500ms - 20s. Middle default amount is ~4s.
SIZE: Adjusts the size of the reverb, which can range from room-like emulation up to church-like emulation.
HP: Sets the parallel highpass filter.
LP: Sets the reverb high frequency Damp and parallel lowpass filter.
SHIMMER: Introduces the pre-reverb 2 octave pitch shifted signals. -100% to 0% introduces 1+ octave signal and 0% to 100% introduces the 2+ octave signal.
GATE/DUCK: GATE gates the reverb signal to the dry signal, resulting in the same volume behavior. DUCK lowers the volume of the reverb signal when the dry signal is playing.
MIX: -100% to 0% mixes in the reverb signal 100% parallel. 0% to 100% mixes out the dry signal.

REQUIREMENTS (Some plugins need to be owned, others only need to be installed):

Need to own: Snap Heap (v2.1.0 or higher)

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