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Sound Dust Plastic Ghost Piano#2 [KONTAKT]

Sound Dust Plastic Ghost Piano#2
ohsie | 07 December 2023 | 1.11 GB
A wonderful sounding, one of a kind textural piano made by spurting bursts of controlled noise through unsuspecting piano samples

9 deeply multi sampled piano articulations

1.1GB of 24bit multi samples with up to 23 velocity levels per note.

100 gorgeous snapshots

Mod wheel controlled reverse engine

Plastic Ghost Piano#2 is a warm, richly sampled, hybrid piano made by using convolution technology in an unlikely way.

There really is nothing else like her. Sounds range from warm, woody and expressive wonky piano to blissed out orchestral haze. Mod wheel expression opens up weird and gorgeous looping, glitching and reverse piano effects with real-time control.

Effortlessly morph 'proper' piano sounds into ecstatic otherworldliness - and then back again... and back again etc etc.

'Each instrument that emerges from the Sound Dust curiosity shop adds extra layers of invention, and this revisit to the Plastic Ghost Piano is no exception. It's Pendle at his playful best, loading every button and wheel with the means to twist and turn piano sounds into something new. Chaos always hides round the corner, but the success is in somehow keeping things organic and beautiful, haunted and lovely." Mat Davidson - my favourite multi Emmy winning composer

White Ghost is made from recordings of a broken upright piano convolved in the same way as the Plastic piano. There are 23 layers of velocity, but using the Time Machine engine in Kontakt these layers are stretched over the entire keyboard range (co to c7) which adds strange and unexpected artifacts .

Yellow Ghost works similarly to the White Ghost, but with a different set of broken piano samples and 2 sets of 10 velocity layers.

​White Piano is a 4 velocity multi sample of a Hohner Pianet T electric piano. Recorded dry, but with re-amping possibilities built into the interface.

The Plastic Piano is a multi sampled piano patch made on a Technics WSA1 modelling keyboard. Each individual sampled note was then loaded into a convolution reverb plug in and blasted with varying levels of controlled white noise, and the output recorded and remapped as a 6 velocity layer multi sample.

Rubber Piano is really a multi sampled palm muted Fender Stratocaster recorded through a valve combo. Its unlikely looping and hints of amp noise add a useful pluck and gritty texture.

Pink Ghost is a looped, stretched and treated version of the plastic piano layer. Like the other ghost layers, instead of vibrato there is a formant filter which can be BPM modulated for full banshee effect.

Reversed, edited and looped multi sample of a Hohner Pianet T electric piano.

Reversed, edited and looped plastic piano.

Reversed, looped, stretched and treated version of the rubber piano layer.

The library requires Kontakt 6.0.2+

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Ambient or ChillOut, Cinematic

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