Joey Sturgis Tones JST Sky Box v1.1.5 [WiN]

Joey Sturgis Tones JST Sky Box
Team R2R | 09 December 2023 | 8.0 MB
JST Sky Box is a versatile and charismatic reverb plugin for mixing and sound design.

Featuring 7 unique reverb modes and built-in modulation, JST Sky Box is the perfect solution for enhancing any instrument or vocal, big or small, all in one compact and easy to use plugin. Let's listen to a few examples:

Whether you're going for a short 80's slap back effect, cavernous ambiance that lives on for days, or maybe something that sounds like angels singing in the skies above - JST Sky Box delivers perfect algorithmic reverbs with ease using its no-brainer controls and very little CPU. Plus, it's fully automateable and includes over 100 presets!

Unique Reverb Modes

With 7 unique reverb modes to choose from, JST Sky Box has all kinds of tonal options worth exploring.


This cloud-like reverb mode is both deep and ethereal, like a distant echo that seems to be coming from all around you. It is a sound that is both calming and unsettling, and it can be difficult to tell where it is coming from or where it is going.


A chorusing reverb mode perfect for long, sustained notes that echo and fade away, like a choir singing in a large, empty space. It is often used in music to create a sense of awe or mystery via modulation.


A shimmery reverb mode characterized by its bright, sparkling sound. It can be used to create a light, airy effect or something a bit sharper as needed.


The Room reverb emulates the sound of the input signal bouncing off the walls of a live room, creating a sense of spaciousness and depth. It is often used in music to create a more natural or intimate sound.


The Plate reverb mode simulates the sound of the input signal bouncing off of a metal plate. It is characterized by a long, smooth decay and a bright, metallic sound.


The Spring reverb mode creates a lush, echoing sound by emulating the sound of your audio signal being routed through a coil of spring, which vibrates and creates a decaying sound.


A dark and ominous reverb mode; the sound of something evil lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike. It is the sound of fear and dread, and it makes your heart race.

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