Guitar Hacks Kiko Loureiro´s Complete Guitar Workout Strategy [TUTORiAL]

Guitar Hacks Kiko Loureiro´s Complete Guitar Workout Strategy
Guitar Hacks | 12 September 2023 | Size: 10.4 GB
Welcome to Guitar Hacks workout! You have taken the first step toward getting more out of your practice sessions. Here you will have access to routines and tips designed to make every practice session count by focusing on efficiency, self-awareness and full control to achieve faster results.
With Guitar Hacks you will make more progress in less time and will free you up for what's really important: making music.
Let's get started.

About this course:
This course consists of 60 video lessons covering
Alternate picking
Sweep picking
Hybrid picking
Tapping techniques.

1.Play anything you want, break through plateaus and express yourself without being limited by technique.

2.This guitar workout strategy is structured to create maximum results within a minimal amount of time. Keep yourself motivated to improve.

3.Designed by a professional Grammy winning musician who has spent thousands of hours to create a system that does one thing: get results!

Como Dividir Seu Tempo:

Você está se sentindo preso? Aprenda a estruturar sua rotina de prática e garantir o progresso.

Praticando Uma Música Desafiadora:

Veja Kiko praticar uma música difícil e aplicar suas dicas para dominar seus próprios riffs ou solos desafiadores.

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