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Zenhiser Crate Hip Hop and Lofi (FULL RELEASE) [WAV, MiDi]

Zenhiser Crate Hip Hop and Lofi
P2P | 13 January 2024 | 2.22 GB
Float through a hazy world of forward thinking, positive vibing, seductively beautiful samples, and loops. It literally doesn’t get any tastier than this so lay out the studio cutlery and dine on what could be the best sonic smorgasbord you’ve ever had. 

Even on your hardest days ‘Crate - Hip Hop and; Lofi’ will lift you up, just fiddle around with a couple of loops and your creative juices will be stirred up within seconds. There is so much song creation potential in this pack that it even astounds us.

3.5GB of lush analogue synths, warm soundscapes, 70’s retro style loops, textural goodness and soulful grooves all mixed with todays modern Lofi sound. This eclectic fusion of old and new sets ‘Crate’ apart from the rest, delivering more than enough to chop, manipulate and loop for years to come. 

So if you’re looking for dusty rhythms, glowing synths, uplifting chord structures and an abundance of feel good material, this Lofi hip hop sample is so for you. It will brighten your day and make the world feel ok. 

full release contains 883 samples and 199 MIDI. splice release only has 744 samples.

Bass synth loops - 50
Drum loops - 153
Melody loops - 50
Music loops - 50
Percussive loops - 12
Synth & Instrument loops - 349

Bass synth loops - 49
Synth loops - 150

One Shots
Bass one shots - 25
Drums - clap - 13
Drums - hi hat - closed - 15
Drums - hi hat - open - 10
Drums - kick - 25
Drums - percussion - 34
Drums - snare - 21
FX one shots - 51
Synth one shots - 28

Total Samples - 886
Total Midi - 199
Total Presets - 0
Tempo - 64bpm - 174bpm
Key Info - Yes

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