Udemy Developing Musical Skill [TUTORiAL]

Udemy Developing Musical Skill
P2P | 11 December 2023 | 871 MB
Developing Musical Skill is a course for music students (and parents of music students) on how to practise music efficiently, for maximum benefit and retention. It consists of numerous videos, activities, and a wonderful collection of additional resources. This course will equip students, teachers, adult learners, and parents with the methods and mindset required to maximise the prospect of learning music enjoyably and successfully. Understanding these practice methods will enhance the lifelong enjoyment of learning music.

The internal drive that underpins choices, decisions, and music practice, relies on the greatest of all motivators – making progress. When students lack progress, they likely quit. Developing Musical Skill demonstrates how the quantity and quality of practice is the greatest predictor of musical success, so that aspiring musicians of all ages and abilities can best bring about expert performance. For musical progress, nothing is as important as the quality and the quantity of practice time. This inspiring, accessible course will equip students, teachers, and parents with the methods and mindset to improve the likelihood of learning music successfully.

Participants will learn:

· How to improve
· Motivation and goals
· How music makes your brain smarter
· The neuroscience of repetition
· The magic of myelin
· Problems with repetition, how to avoid them, and more effective types of repetition
· The four modes of practice and play
· Patterns in music
· Chunking
· The power of slow practice …and not just for music
· Only practise on the days that you eat!
· How much to practise
· Sleep learning: If you (don’t) snooze – you lose!
· The extraordinary power of mindsets and the curious thing about talent
· Musical expression

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