Producertech Pro Arranging Masterclass [TUTORiAL]

Producertech Pro Arranging Masterclass
P2P | 15 December 2023 | 2.24 GB
Once you've got a fully-fledged groove locked down, the ability to expand it out into a complete arrangement can sometimes seem a challenging process. In this course from Producertech resident tutor and professional producer Jafunk, you'll learn a multitude of concepts for how to approach this task, from the development of harmony, to the flow of energy and everything in between.

Jafunk uses his recent, popular release 'Nightlife' as the example for the course, where he fully breaks down every aspect of the track. The first lesson provides an explanation of the concepts covered on the course, followed by an overview of how the track is structured. Subsequent to this is a detailed exploration of the theory and instrumental arranging, showing how every part in the song is carefully orchestrated into its own space in the mix.

Once a thorough outline of the musical composition of the track has been provided, Jafunk shows how the initial loop was conceived by the building up of individual components, and then how each of those parts is developed through the arrangement. Certain sections are constructed so as to tell a particular story or paint a scene, whilst others are led by harmony and musical ideas.

As well as garnering a good understanding of how to structure a vocal pop or dance track in terms of sections, the course helps with learning about energy management throughout a song and how to successfully transition from one section to the next. The latter goes into both textural and classic dance techniques, such as the use of FX and automation, as well as more musical approaches, with certain instruments also helping to build and release tension.

Enrolling on the course gives you instant access to over an hour of concise and technique-rich, streamed tutorials, in addition to the project from the course and MIDI files for the track, and even a bonus pack of Jafunk's samples to add to your collection - the perfect set of lessons and materials to help inspire and guide you to making solid arrangements of your own.

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