Groove3 Session Percussionist Explained [TUTORiAL]

Groove3 Session Percussionist Explained
P2P | 15 December 2023 | 190 MB
If you're looking for a way to add realistic, amazing-sounding percussion to your tracks easily, Session Percussionist is just the ticket. In this Session Percussionist video course, VI guru Eli Krantzberg gives you the lay of the land, covering each control and demonstrating every function, showing you how it's done. You'll learn how to choose and edit patterns, select and edit instruments, create patterns of your own, and much more! These Session Percussionist videos are meant for new Session Percussionist users.

Eli starts the course with a quick overview of the instrument, showing you what it is and how to access the main parameters so you can start making sounds right away. Then you'll learn how to navigate the Ensemble and Instrument browsers so you can quickly pull up the desired instrumentation with the available features, such as tags, filters, and more. Eli also demonstrates how to save your custom ensembles for immediate recall in a future session.

Next, explore the pattern editor window, where you can tailor the patterns to suit your specific needs with access to notes, velocities, articulations, and more for every pattern. You'll also learn how you can map patterns to keys for easy triggering in real-time.

There's plenty more in store as well, including creative looping (editing the loop range, etc.), guide rhythms (searching for patterns based on your suggested rhythms), step and selection strips (enhanced editing workflow), altering the Edit grid (changing subdivisions, etc.), Articulation/Velocity/Timing/Flams panels (for customizing patterns in numerous ways), the mixer (adding effects, adjusting the ensemble's virtual position in the room, etc.), programming your own parts, and more!

Session Percussionist is an incredible tool for getting high-quality percussion parts into your tracks quickly. With this in-depth Session Percussionist course, you'll learn to use it to its fullest potential in no time and will be ready to make it part of your toolbox on your very next track. See the individual Session Percussionist video tutorial descriptions for more info and ideas about how you can use it in your own productions. Adding percussion to your tracks just got a lot easier... Watch "Session Percussionist Explained®" now!

What You Will Learn:

-How to quickly navigate the various browsers with filters/tags and save your custom presets

-Using the Guide Rhythm function to quickly find appropriate patterns based on your rhythmic input

-Adding effects and tweaking other parameters in the mixer

-How to edit the patterns by adjusting velocity, articulations, randomization, and many more parameters

-And much more!

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