Kong Audio Kirk Symphony v3.0 [WiN]

Kong Audio Kirk Symphony
Team R2R | 18 December 2023 | 1.62 GB
Kong Audio launched piano engine V3--Kirk Symphony. It is a set of digital sound source products compiled for Western musical instruments. The sound samples of all instruments in this set of products come from partners KIRK HUNTER STUDIOS Provided with permission. In order to improve and enrich the sound resources that can be used in computer music production, Kongyin launched this product after deeply customizing the piano engine version of all instrument samples and officially released it. The hollow sounds are specially customized according to the classification of musical instruments bow string instrument group.

(Strings), Woodwinds group (Woodwinds), Brass instrument group (Brass), percussion instrument group (Percussion)
Four independent sound sources, the entire sound library includes 22 kinds of musical instrumentsand1 group of percussion comprehensive sounds.

Relevant musical instruments include common performance techniques, such as: straight tone, vibrato, pause tone, pizzicato, roll, vibrato, jump bow, tongue thrust, overtone, etc.
In actual use, you can switch in real time by selecting a tone preset with key switching.

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