SKnote Audio Percolate v1.0 2018 [WiN]

SKnote Audio Percolate
MOCHA | 30 December 2023 | 6.55 MB
Percolate is a stereo tube amplifier, modelled at the deepest possible level, including a model for every single component in the circuit.

It is a stereo, two stages amplifier, with input and output transformers, preamplifier stage, tone control, power push-pull stage and output mix (wet-dry) control.

Two output taps are available: preamplifier and power stage. The first stage requires higher input level to saturate and the saturation is crisper. The output stage has a richer and smoother saturation.

Two options for the input transformer: transparent and iron (lots of color).

Two options for the output transformer: hi fidelity and iron (biggest difference is in the low frequency range).


Input Gain. From attenuation to boosting, affects only the signal going into the tube amplifier (not the dry component, available through the Mix control).
Tone control. Affects the signal going through the tube circuit (doesn't affect the dry signal). Use it together with the Mix control to set the sound of your processed track.
Input meters. Separate left and right level meters, they are a reference when setting the amount of saturation. Experiment with different input levels to set a reference for both pre-amplifier and power stage output taps.
Mix screw. Blends processed and (sample-aligned) dry signal. Use it to mix the two signal versions for the best final result.
Volume control. An overall output gain control. Bypassed when Power is off.
Power switch. Bypasses the whole system.

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