Softube Model 80 Five Voice Synthesizer v2.5.67 [WiN]

Softube Model 80 Five Voice Synthesizer
Team R2R | 31 December 2023 | 80.2 MB
A precise model of an industry-defining five-voice polyphonic synth from 1980, heard on countless hits from Michael Jackson, Madonna, Radiohead, The Cars, and more. Create your own sounds with authentic interactions and performance from the original unit.

To authentically recreate the experience of recalling presets on the original hardware, Model 80 offers the 40 original factory presets with buttons on the programmer to call them up. The five voices and their relationship are painstakingly replicated to create the real sound, feel, and experience of the original.

To accurately capture the original hardware, Softube carefully reproduced phase relationships and modulation polarity, authentically emulating the sound, modulation, and feel of this mythical synth. Plus, an Invert Voice Mod button on the side panel lets you take this even further than the original.

On the right of the Model 80 GUI is a 'hidden' expander panel that lets you tweak some details of the Voice Mod behavior and performance aspects of the Model 80. Click on the wooden border at the far right and the slide-in expander panel will pop up, revealing another 8 parameters for tweaking.


This is Splice Rent-To-Own version of Softube. The protection difference is that original version uses WrapWarden and iLok while Splice version uses its own licensing with Ed25519 signature. Both binaries are protected by MetaFotress, which can be regarded as the most difficult part.

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  • Fanhanho
    31 December 2023 16:50
    • Mac version please
  • oval
    6 January 2024 19:21
    • Cannot find required file - in keygen?


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