Sheaf Music Remoter v1.0.2 [WiN]

Sheaf Music Remoter
MOCHA | 31 December 2023 | 1.97 MB
Remoter is an audio plugin that allows you to stream audio directly from your DAW to any web browser-capable device.

This is useful for quick mix translation checks on your phone speakers/earbuds/laptop speakers.

Simply insert the plugin, start the server, and scan the QR code to open the supporting web app in your browser. Then press connect to start streaming.


✓ Lossless audio streaming
✓ Highest bitrate Opus encoded audio streaming (not yet supported on iOS)
✓ Latency that is low enough to allow for comfortably making mix adjustments in real-time
✓ Configurable buffer size for finding optimal latency vs stability
✓ Multiple simultaneous connections are possible
✓ No dedicated app on the phone needed - it works in the web browser

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