Hit'n'Mix RipX DAW PRO v7.1.0 [MacOSX]

Hit'n'Mix RipX DAW PRO
Team HCiSO | 29 March 2024 | 910.97 MB
RipX DAW PRO adds the award-winning Audioshop tools and Harmonic Editor for the most precise audio editing available to create an AI DAW with unlimited capabilities. Two further panels are also included: Repair for quickly cleaning up audio non-destructively; and RipScripts for writing custom tools.

RipX DAW PRO comes with all of the features of the RipX AI DAW, and then adds advanced stem clean-up and audio manipulation tools to the workflow so you can create the highest quality extracted audio, and tweak / create sound at unprecedented levels of detail. Think of it like a built-in Izotope RX suite.

RipX DAW PRO adds the following features and much more:
✓ Award-winning Audioshop® tools for fixing and cleaning up recordings quickly and easily
✓ Unpitched audio editor for cleaning up noise separately from pitched sounds
✓ The powerful and unique Harmonic Editor for the ultimate in sound editing
✓ RipScript scripting language for building and customizing your own tools

Experience unprecedented control over notes, harmonics and unpitched sound, all in a powerful and easy-to-use click & drag interface.

Audioshop® Sound Manipulation Tools:
✓ Powerfully & quickly adjust pitch, time-stretch, copy and paste individual or groups of notes, sibilants and unpitched sounds.
✓ Edit Unpitched tool displays all unpitched sound spread over the entire Rip, from its top to its bottom. Click & drag to select a region of unpitched sound and edit it.
✓ Draw notes, drums and samples onto your rip with the Draw Sound tool.
✓ Use the Split tool to cut notes into sections for further editing.
✓ Piece together notes so you can edit as one, with the Join tool.
✓ Clone characteristics such as pitch variation (e.g. vibrato), sound (timbre with volume) & panning from one note to another, for example to duplicate a real instrumentalist's playing style, with the Clone tool.
✓ Make fine pitch adjustments and slides simply by clicking and dragging, with the Draw Pitch tool.
✓ Add fluctuations in pitch, formant, volume, and panning to notes, using the Apply Pattern tool.
✓ Blend together the pitch, formant, timbre, volume and/or stereo panning of notes by clicking & dragging over them, with the Smooth Region tool.

Harmonic Editor
This is no basic spectrum editor – these are the actual harmonics that describe the sound of a note, and Harmonic Editor allows complete control over them.

Perfect for removing noise, adjusting timbre and creating interesting new sounds.

Clean & Repair Audio
Live audio repair and clean-up features for removing background noise, limiting foreground artifacts, reducing tones & hum, and purifying pitched and unpitched sounds.

Adjust overtone levels in notes and even regenerate fundamental harmonics, to bring back bass presence in vocals and instruments, lost during mixing & mastering.

Supported Operation System:
  • macOS 10.12 or later
  • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

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