Acustica Audio Lemon 2023 [WiN]

Acustica Audio Lemon
Team R2R | 06 January 2024 | 150.3 MB
Lemon 1.5 includes 40 different delay and tape emulations that realistically reproduce the behavior and sound quality of numerous hardware delay units, both vintage and modern. A clever feedback scheme with a variety of types of filters and an adjustable drive control gives you the possibility to use Lemon as an effective tape/overdrive simulator as well.

What's Wrong with Other Delay Plugins?

Simple. They don't “repeat well. Many of them are too grainy, too static, or sound way too artificial - not to mention aseptically two-dimensional.

Ultimately, most of these plugins are only good for over-the-top special effects and are impossible to use in normal contexts. However, a high-quality old-school hardware delay would effortlessly be able to do the trick.

As soon as we realized that this type of processor was missing from the digital world, we felt the urgent need to find a solution. Once you try Lemon for yourself, you'll see exactly why it's the answer to all your delay needs.

Claretta says,

Library is completely decrypted, decompressed, DRM related bloat removed, and built to the clean one.

Preset is not included! Ask G for updating it.

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