Acustica Audio Scarlet 5 2023 [WiN]

Acustica Audio Scarlet 5
Team R2R | 06 January 2024 | 224.1 MB
Scarlet 5 is a powerhouse of a plugin suite that is specifically tailored for mastering engineers. It brings you the sound of two celebrated, specialized mastering devices designed in the 70s by two legendary pro audio pioneers.

At the time, they were considered to be the most ingenious minds in the field of music recording technology. Given how rare these hardware models are, there is no sum of money large enough to persuade their lucky owners to part with their beloved piece of machinery. The transparency of their sonic trademark and the quality of their electronic and mechanic components wholly justify the reputation these tools have earned over the years.

We were able to gain access to these highly specialized hardware units, and are pleased to offer you the opportunity to experience their magic in the form of our Scarlet plugin.
What's new in Scarlet 5?

We have taken the Scarlet suite to new levels with the release of this 5th version We have incorporated new features that enhance its accuracy and have integrated this with our cutting-edge Hyper technology. Most importantly, we are introducing a brand-new version of Scarlet 5 Classic (replacing the previous version), which has undergone a complete resampling to provide you with a state-of-the-art tool, ensuring the highest possible quality for your master.

In the Scarlet 5 plugin suite, both magnitude and phase have reached an exceptional level of precision with very low distortion, making it ideal for adding extra sparkle to your mastering projects.

Scarlet 5 Classic truly excels in capturing the nuances of treble and bass, enhancing the top and bottom end easily without any strange phase shifts. The EQ curves and interactivity "are-bang-on" and they are now even closer to the original hardware thanks to a total re-sampling of what is considered to be the "golden reference" in mastering equalizers.

Undoubtedly, the Scarlet 5 suite greatly enhances the enjoyment of low frequencies. The depth in the low end is exceptional, providing a smooth and crystal-clear representation of high frequencies.

The EQs included in the Scarlet 5 suite have distinct and pleasing sounds of their own, while maintaining a high level of transparency, surpassing the standard performance of "digital" EQs tasked with similar duties. They are among the most versatile high-end parametric EQs for modern mixing and mastering in the Acustica domain, and without a doubt, they sound great on everything.

New features:

Improved audio quality thanks to the oversampling.
Hyper techology.
New SCARLET 5 CLASSIC plugin version.
Numerical value parameters.
Various optimizations and graphical improvements.
Resizable interface.

Claretta says,

Library is completely decrypted, decompressed, DRM related bloat removed, and built to the clean one.

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