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ModeAudio First Light Vital Ambient Presets [Synth Presets, WAV, MiDi]

ModeAudio First Light Vital Ambient Presets
P2P | 06 January 2024 | 63.02 MB
Feel a deep euphoria settle over your soul as the warmth of the first ray of sunlight of a new day beams over your body - introducing the sun-washed sound of our first ever set of presets for Vital, First Light - Ambient Vital Presets!

Using our own custom wavetables and noise samples from our ever growing library of field recordings, analog synth jams and drum machine hits, we've harnessed Vital's full arsenal of cutting-edge sound sculpting abilities to marry the warmth of real-world audio with the precision of digital synthesis.

From basses bulging with the weight of legions of low-end energy and the deft agility of soaring leads, to soft, pillowy pads, glistening keys, momentous SFX and body-shaking percussive sequences, this pack presents a full set of soundtrack-ready tools at your disposal.

We've even included a set of 10 diverse textures presets to bring your music to life with layers of rustling noise, crafted from our own custom samples of soothing rain, running water, fizzling analog synth noise and more.

As always with a ModeAudio preset pack, every preset comes to you with all 4 macro controls assigned and ready for easy tweaking, as well as 50 MIDI loops to pair with your chosen preset to demonstrate the depth of its aural character.

Soak up the early morning sun and convert its hazy warmth into sound energy - download First Light - Vital Ambient Presets today!


8 Bass Presets
6 Lead Synth Presets
12 Pad Presets
6 Sequence Presets
2 SFX Presets
6 Melodic Synth Presets
10 Texture Presets
50 .vital Presets & 1 Vital Bank
28 Custom Wavetables (Synths, Drums & Percussion)
7 Custom Noise Samples (Field Recordings & Synths)
50 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labelled)

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