Groove3 Dorico 5.1 Update Explained 2024.07 [TUTORiAL]

Groove3 Dorico 5.1 Update Explained
P2P | 05 July 2024 | 314.35 MB
Dorico, Steinberg's flagship music notation software, just got a hefty upgrade with version 5.1. In this Dorico video course, Groove3 veteran Doug Zangar will take you on a guided tour through all the important changes and added features that help you work more quickly and effectively, no matter how you use Dorico. From the newly included orchestral library to specific features about dynamics, it's all covered here! These Dorico videos are designed for users who want to know specifically about the new features and functions found in version 5.1.

Doug begins the course with a look at the newly added orchestral library, Iconica Sketch. You'll learn how to install it, choose a playback template, and get familiar with the interface before hearing an excerpt from the course project to demonstrate some of the sounds. You'll also learn about the new polyphonic voice balancing feature, which can help bring out the inner voice melodies or contrapuntal parts so they don't get lost in playback.

Next, explore the new "holds and pause" settings, which allow for more control of notes that are held due to fermatas, caesuras, etc. You'll also learn about other playback options, the piano roll editor, and the Properties panel. Doug then covers the improvements made to glissandos in the properties settings, including the ability to delay the glissando start.

There's much more as well, such as monophonic legato (automatically switch from legato to natural playing technique when double stops or divisi are used), dynamics (new gradual dynamic settings, hairpin end position, etc.), chord playback (adjust the gaps in repeated chords), Mixer (new key commands and more), instrument score orders (edit or duplicate factory score orders), Instrument Editor (assign families to instruments, etc.), user interface improvements, exporting (generating project statistics as a text file, color TIFF or PNG files), text editing (copy and paste from word processors, etc.), and more!

If you're a Dorico 5 user, now's your perfect chance to find out about everything the new Dorico 5.1 update has to offer. Not only will you learn about all the new additions and upgrades, but you'll also gain more familiarity with the program as a whole. By the end of this course, you'll be ready to start implementing any or all of the new features on your very next score! See the individual Dorico 5.1 video tutorial descriptions for more information. Don't miss out on everything that's new... Watch "Dorico 5.1 Update Explained®" today!

What You Will Learn:

-How to install and use the newly added Iconica Sketch orchestral library

-Playback improvements for chords, counterpoint, legato, holds/pauses, etc.

-User interface improvements for text, zoom, status bar info display, etc.

-New engraving features (chord diagrams fingering, slur-nudging, etc.)

-And much more!

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