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cabIR MR-CB71_G12M25

cabIR MR-CB71_G12M25
P2P | 26 June 2024 | 136 MB
This cabinet from 1971 with „chequeboard“ grill cloth replaced the older „basketweave“ grill cloth and introduced the 70s.

Loaded with original and highly demanded pre rola G12M25 (Celestion™ T1221) Greenbacks, this cabinet is for sure one of the most wanted and favored cabinets from Marshall™. Speaker D (upper left) is aged naturally over the years and gives the whole cabinet its very unique and special sound.

This cab works perfect for Classic Rock and Hard Rock.

Feature-Set: pro IR series
Based on: Marshall™ 1960A
Speaker: Celestion™ G12M25 pre rola
IR quantity: 644
Used microphones: Shure™ SM57; Sennheiser™ e906; Sennheiser™ MD421; AKG™ C414 XLS; sE Electronics™ X1R; Shure™ SM7B; Sennheiser™ MD441; Behringer™ ECM8000; AKG™ C451
Power Amp voicing: Idealized-NULL-Amp; Push-Amp; Tube-Amp
IR formats: .WAV exclusive - 170ms/500ms: 44.1kHz-16bit | 44.1kHz-24bit | 48kHz-16bit | 48kHz-24bit | 96kHz-24bit
Hard- & Software platforms supportet: Fractalaudio™ Axe-Fx II /XL, AX8 | Line6™ Helix | Atomic™ Amplifire | Yamaha™ THR100H /HD | Two-Notes™ Torpedo | AMT™ Pangaea | Logidy™ Epsi | Headrush™ Pedalboard | All software based Amp modeler | All convolution host platforms | and many more

Manufacturer: Marshall™
Model: 1960A
Construction: 4x12" angled box, closed design, standard size
Time of production: 1971-1975
Year of manufacture: 1971
Power rating / Watt/Watt: 100W
Resonance frequency in Hz: 102 Hz
Comment: Unique sound due to strong aging of speaker D

Manufacturer: Celestion™
Model: G12M25™ (Greenbacks)
Year of manufacture: 1971
Power rating / Watt: 25W
Comment: Pre Rola Greenbacks, Pulsonic Cone

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