Production Music Live Masterclass Creative Sound Design with the Moog Sub37 [TUTORiAL]

Production Music Live Masterclass Creative Sound Design with the Moog Sub37
P2P | 06 July 2024 | 4.65 GB
After this class with Berlin-based Melodic House Artist Yannek Maunz, you will be more proficient, professional and creative in your synthesis - on analog AND digital synths! Demonstrated on the Sub37, Yannek shows you hacks & tricks to achieve thriving, dynamic and facetted sounds faster & better and in your own style
About this Masterclass

Yannek Maunz is label co-owner (YION), producer, artist and PML tutor for quite some time now. Getting good results quickly is key to being active in so many fields. In this class he will show you his patching techniques in depth, always starting from init. He will talk about his exact workflow on how to patch Basslines, Arpeggios, Sequences, Riser and Melodic lines for Melodic Techno and House productions.

Check the curriculum below for the full list of sound patches covered.

No additional software required to take this masterclass.
Highlights of the class

Creating a efficient workflow and deep understanding of synthesis
Over 20 lessons and 7h of high quality synthesis
Intro & explanation of the Sub37 and subtractive synthesis
How to apply techniques to other synths
Working with analog Synths in Ableton

Example Patches

different basses
arpeggios (plucky & dreamy)
leads (from Afterlife to underground)
polyrhythmic sequences
noises, sweeps & risers


Building a track from scratch in 45 minutes using the Moog Sub37

“The sub 37 is my go-to synth, even after buying other more expensive ones. I would like to stress that the Moog is not even a synth for me anymore but a full Instrument that wants to be played.

Playing the synth is one big part of the course: creating melodies that fade into bass lines, noise sweeps that merge into pads, and chord layers consisting of different Moog patches. With the Moog it is more than just creating one stable patch. I think this is why analog beats digital. Moving both your hands fast between real knobs without any mapping limitations.

I will give you a proper introduction to the Sub37 in the course. If you know subtractive synths already, you can simply skip to the productivity gems ;).”

Well, the Moog is ONE subtractive synth of many out there working with the concept of subtractive synthesis too. This course uses the Moog as a medium to show you workflow boosts, patching tips and tricks, and compositional inspiration.

Of course, it's easier if you have a Sub37 but really any synth with similar capabilities will work out. But you can adapt almost every concept from the class and put to use with u-he Diva for example.

Up and foremost this course wants to show you how fast and easy you can sound like YOURSELF (or anyone else, if you want to ;p).

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