Loomer Aspect v2.0.3 [WiN]

Loomer Aspect
Team R2R | 10 July 2024 | 9.1 MB
The Semi-modular polyphonic synthesizer

Analogue modelled sounds.

Stunning scalable user interface, with three colour schemes: dark, light, and classic blue.

A sound-designers dream. Flexible cable-free semi-modular routing via drag and drop encourages experimentation.

Use audio sources as modulations, and modulations as audio sources.

Combine and process modulation sources with mappers, quantizers, rectifiers, sample and holds, and many more processing modules.

Free upgrade for Aspect 1 owners.

Over 600 factory presets.

About Aspect 2
Aspect is a 32 note polyphonic software instrument that combines a great-sounding, powerful synthesis engine with a flexible semi-modular architecture and unparalleled ease of use.

The core of Aspect's superb sound are two analogue modelled oscillators, each capable of producing a powerful selection of raw waveforms, and dual filters that can be routed in series, in parallel, or even blended into unique combinations.

Primary modulation sources come in the form of three analogue modelled envelopes - capable of producing quick, snappy attacks - three precise multi-segment envelope generators, and three free running or tempo synced LFOs.

A flexible patch section allows sources to be combined and processed to produce complex modulations from these simple sources, whilst a versatile modulation architecture allows practically anything to be used as a modulation source and destination.

All controls can be easily mapped to a hardware controller using the simplified MIDI Learn feature.

With optimised audio algorithms that won't overload your processor, rock-solid stability, and easy integration with any MIDI hardware controller, Aspect is ideal for live work. With a simple and intuitive interface, flexible Bank and Program management, and total parameter automation, Aspect fits right into your studio environment.

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