Aurora DSP DriveThru Cerbes v1.0.2 [WiN]

Aurora DSP DriveThru Cerbes
Team R2R | 10 July 2024 | 73.5 MB
Introducing Aurora DSP DriveThru: Cerbes, a tantalizing glimpse into the forthcoming Aurora DSP DriveThru suite. This dynamic suite will feature an array of guitar pedals seamlessly integrated into one powerful software package. From essential boosters and overdrives to robust preamps capable of replacing traditional amplifiers in your signal chain, DriveThru promises to revolutionize your sound with unparalleled versatility and convenience.

Our vision with AuroraDSP DriveThru is to empower guitarists to craft truly distinctive tones using our diverse array of powerful pedals. In the full version of DriveThru, users will have the freedom to blend various pedals to create their own unique sounds, unlocking a world of sonic possibilities. Even as a standalone booster plugin, such as Cerbes, offering a single tube screamer-style overdrive, DriveThru opens doors for musicians seeking to enhance their existing plugins. We're confident that providing access to over 30 different stompboxes will ignite creativity and breathe new life into users' plugin collections. Imagine revitalizing a once lackluster amplifier plugin with the combination of just two overdrives from DriveThru, resulting in a completely refreshed and astonishingly rich sound. With DriveThru, the potential for sonic exploration and transformation is boundless.

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