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Inear Display Litote v1.3 Retail [WiN, MacOSX]

Inear Display Litote
ZEUS | 23 September 2021 | 7.89 MB
Litote is a granular audio effect plugin which can turn any sound into a dramatic texture. Four audio engines can be combined using a XY pad for a wide range of variations. Hiding the complexity of the engines, Litote delegates patch creation to a smart randomizer for instant gratification and endless possibilities.

For perpetually evolving sounds, Litote also includes a trajectory mode to travel through these granular landscapes automatically.

With deep sonic possibilities hidden behind a playful and easy to use interface, Litote is an essential tool for musicians and sound designers.


  • Regenerate the whole sound in one click.
  • Regenerate individual engines to craft the perfect combination.
  • Easily generate new trajectories.


  • Navigate through the textures using the XY pad.
  • Enable the trajectory mode and define a travel zone to mutate the sound automatically.


  • 4 Audio Processing Engines
  • Audio Processing based on a mix of Granulators, Resonators and Diffusion Delays
  • Interpolation of the 4 Engines Outputs using a XY Pad
  • Trajectory Mode to automatically control the XY pad Position
  • Ability to control the Trajectory X and Y Ranges and Speeds
  • XY pad Position available as Automatable Parameters in the host
  • Input and Processed signals Amplitude controls
  • Dry/Wet Mix Control
  • Global Sound Randomizer
  • Dedicated Sound Randomizers for each of the 4 Audio Engines
  • Trajectory Randomizer
  • Option to set a new Seed for the Randomizers
  • Audio Output Visualizer
  • Clean Single Panel Interface
  • 10 factory presets
  • Cross-Platform presets

What's new v1.3:

- VST3 version, VST2.4 no longer available
- All versions are 64bit only
- Mac OS installer is notarized
- Native support for Apple Silicon Macs
- Factory presets are now bundled inside the plugin

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