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TBProAudio SLM2 v1.3.6 / v1.3.9 [WiN, MacOSX]

TBProAudio SLM2
WiN: Team R2R | 10 September 2019 | 4.7 MB
MAC: SOUL | 04 June 2020 | 5 MB
SLM2 is a smart stereo loudness maximizer including “analog spice” and 16x over-sampling. The goal of the design was to maximize the loudness of the audio signal while maintaining transparency.

The SLM2 DSP analyses every sample of the incoming stereo signal within a defined time frame and calculates the optimal volume increase. This guarantees maximum possible transparency.

The overall loudness can be further increased by the following, optional clipper stage. Signal aliasing can be reduced by enabling over-sampling.

SLM2 is used in all limiting situation like track/bus and master limiting.

SLM2 Control

SLM2 lets you reach the maximum possible volume with minimal sound degradation. Attack/Release offers even more sound sculpting options.

SLM2 Drive

The overall loudness can be further increased by the following, optional clipper stage.

SLM2 Insight

The IN/OUT/GR meters lets you visually control the limiting process. On top of it SLM2 offers oversampling up to x16.


  • highly transparent brick-wall-limiter
  • saturation of input signal
  • fully control of attack and release
  • switchable look ahead
  • additional drive/clip stage
  • stereo link
  • over-sampling, up to 16x
  • easy to use GUI
  • preset manager
  • large and accurate live meters
  • supports all sample rates


- FIX: improved Studio One/Ableton compatibility

- Ableton Live/Studio One/FL Studio PDC fix
- Info menu

Team R2R Note: (v1.3.6)
CRACKED : Since software is made to accept pre-generated keyfile, we bypassed
it. All encryption part (incl. RSA key) is working as it is - which does not
have random GUI crash like other cracked release.

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