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Cinetools Disturbia [WAV]

Cinetools Disturbia
P2P | 24 June 2017 | 3.73 GB
Fear doesn’t always come from the outside sometimes it’s hidden inside of you. Did you hear something? Or is your mind playing tricks on you? Cinetools’ s nightmarish and existential “Disturbia” takes a deep dive into the psyche of madness and human depravity and will haunt your dreams for nights to come.

Cinetools present Disturbia featuring +1000 cutting-edge cinematic sound effects with modern psychological horror and thriller aesthetic, covering a wide range of trailer type sfx and haunted scoring elements to spice up your Trailers, Cut Scenes, Games and Movies. This giant SFX library focuses on fear, panic, psychosis and neurotic themes with tons of unnerving tensions, suspense, unsettling soundscapes and dark sounding sfxs. If you are looking for something to create a brief flutter of paranoia and push the audience's heart rate up a little you've come to the right place. Disturbia comes with pensive, anxious and disquiet feelings and will definitely help you to make your audience jump out of the chair and hit the ceiling.

This sinister, foreboding and disturbing themes inspired library brings you production-ready elements as: huge cinematic hits to chest-crushing impacts, frightening whooshes to obscure textures, gritty soundscapes to ear-destroying cacophonies, blood-freezing sweeps to goosebumps-evoking reverses, piercing stingers to theatre shaking sub fx, most terrifying shockers to drastic heavy braams, dank atmospheres to paranormal stutters, tension-builder rises to creepy transitions, weird morphing layers to mysterious pads, mad vocals to lunatic groans - that are made exclusively to provide cinematic lovers a truly diverse sonic palette for creating high definition cinematic beds for any psychological horror and thriller scene or project also well suited in many other situations where film standard sound is required.

You can use these sound FX as they are or mix and match them with other elements from this collection to create your own ideas. Full of shocking, unnerving tensions and haunted moods. Dank atmosphere and creepy sounds will not let you fall asleep. Guaranteed to make you want to consider leaving the lights on at night.!

Disturbia comes with +6GB of high quality 24bit 96kHz .wav audio content, which has been sourced from an assortment of boutique hardware devices, synthesizer modules and hybrid soft synths. Also a diverse selection of foley sound sources and field recordings were utilized, ranging from giant industrial pipes to simple kitchen tools, abandoned factories to creepy mine-hole and industrial machines to ensure the perfect array of raw SFX material. These sounds were then skillfully layered and processed in the studio using literally hundreds of different manipulation tools and an eclectic variety of specialized software with unconventional production techniques.

In detail expect to find 6.44GB of raw content including +1000 powerful sound elements - consisting of; 126 Atmospheres & Backgrounds contains 24 Bizarre & Creepy Atmospheres, 29 Cacophonies, 30 Dark & Scary Backgrounds, 20 Disturbing Ambiences and 23 Psychotic Drones, 183 Disturbing Fx includes 15 Aleatoric Orchestral Fx, 60 Drastic, 37 Psychological, 30 Stingers and 41 Voices, 32 Downers, 129 Hits consist of 64 Hard, 34 Shockers, 21 Soft and 10 Subs, 48 Pulses, 124 Raw Sources & Field Recordings and 366 Transitions contains 118 Glitches & Noises, 33 Markers, 46 Reverses, 44 Risers, 88 Stutters & Choppers and 37 Whooshes & Swishes. All sounds are hyper-detailed, layered and manipulated they can easily be added to your projects. Every sound was originally recorded at 24 bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today's cinematic production needs.

All of the samples have been pre-cleared and are 100% original & royalty-free for your use without any additional licensing fees. ‘Disturbia’ will find its place in your library as an indispensable reference point for your next movie, trailer, game, documentary, advertising or any kind of cinematic and multimedia project. A suspense theme collection including mysterious and dark sounding tunes to build tension and suspicion in any scenes. Perfect for any brain twisting psychological horror, mystery and thriller production.


  • 6.43GB
  • 1008 Files
  • 24 Bit / 96kHz
  • 126 Atmospheres & Backgrounds
  • 024 Bizarre & Creepy Atmos
  • 029 Cacophonies
  • 030 Dark & Scary Backgrounds
  • 020 Disturbing Ambiences
  • 023 Psychotic Drones
  • 183 Disturbing Fx
  • 015 Aleatoric Orchestral Fx
  • 060 Drastic
  • 037 Psychological
  • 030 Stingers
  • 041 Voices
  • 032 Downers
  • 129 Hits
  • 064 Hard
  • 034 Shockers
  • 021 Soft
  • 010 Subs
  • 048 Pulses
  • 124 Raw Sources & Field Rec.
  • 366 Transitions
  • 118 Glitches & Noises
  • 033 Markers
  • 046 Reverses
  • 044 Risers
  • 088 Stutters & Choppers
  • 037 Whooshes & Swishes

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