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Plogue Sforzatron v1.000 [Sforzando]

Plogue Sforzatron
Team R2R | 25 June 2017 | 137.94 MB
Here’s Plogue’s offering of the now famous Taijiguy Free Mellotron samples. In order to offer a different approach, we built it with simultaneous playback of three tapes, each with it’s own ADSR envelope, pan, volume and fine tune. To top it off, a smooth overdrive can be added to the whole mix!It comes with a fresh pack of 34 presets ranging from the classic to the unusual.

You’ll be surprised how well it can fit in just about any musical genre once you start layering all those different tones.

Mac users, this bank takes advantage of sforzando’s newly supported Retina display capability. Looks sharp!

The Sforzatron upgrades and modernizes the Mellotron’s basic functionality gently, in ways that allow it to keep the very 60s-70s retro sound intact. It’s a sort of Mellotron-plus, but the plus is a gentle one which respects its Mellotron-ness.

R2R Note:
This is freeware but need some modification due to the ARIA Engine protection scheme.

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