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Accusonus ERA Bundle Pro v5.3.00 + VoiceChanger v4.1.10 / v1.1.00 FiXED [WiN, MacOSX]

Accusonus ERA Bundle Pro
WiN: MORiA | 16 June 2021 | 428 MB
MAC: Team Flare | 05 August 2021 | 312 MB
Say hi to the ERA Bundle Pro 4! Multi-patented next-generation audio repair tools that offer both fast and high-quality processing. As a professional in post and music production, you deal with impossible deadlines. Our smart tools will help you save tons of studio time by doing most of the work for you Get access to the fastest repair technology for complex audio issues.

# ERA-Bundle Release Notes

## Version 5.2.10 - 2021/3/22

### New
- Nothing yet. We're working on some new cool stuff though :)

### What's Fixed
- Voice Leveler was not properly working in Final Cut Pro on Big Sur. Now it's fixed!

Team Flare Note: (v5.3.00 + VoiceChanger v1.1.00 FiXED)
FiXED: Fixed Audio Cleanup Assistant and VoiceChanger crashing on some DAWs (Logic, Ableton, Blue Cat's Patchwork, Studio One).

The reason for the crash was because Accusonus placed the presets for Audio Cleanup Assistant and VoiceChanger to the Scripts folder and then used a custom script to move them to a Presets folder which makes no sense (was it laziness?).

So when making the custom installer, we didn't know that so the presets went into the wrong location.

For some reason without any presets the plugins would crash and then crash the DAW. Some people didn't get a crash because the presets were in the correct location and maybe had the demo previously installed.

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  • uknodino
    16 October 2020 04:55
    • Works perfectly! Thanks!!!
  • misho
    25 October 2020 22:05
    • Why am I getting: an error occurred while trying to copy a file out of memory when I am trying to install?
  • davidesqueda
    16 June 2021 23:04
    • Hay version para AAXen Mac?
  • Cold ROUSS
    11 August 2021 00:43
    • Como lo hancen con la lisencia


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