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Steinberg Groove Agent 5 v5.0.10.99 / v5.0.40 [WiN, MacOSX]

Steinberg Groove Agent 5
WiN: P2P | 13 November 2018 | 29.28 GB
MAC: P2P | 03 May 2021 | 29.57 GB
The ultimate drumming software!

Designed for both songwriters and beat producers, Groove Agent 5 includes the very best of electronic and acoustic drums. One of the most detailed acoustic drum kits ever featured in Groove Agent sits alongside a wide variety of percussion, modern electronic drums and MIDI grooves, delivering an inspirational rhythmic composition tool for producers in every genre, from jazz, funk and rock to Trap and EDM. Support for VST, AU and AAX plug-in formats means Groove Agent 5 can be used with virtually any DAW.

The latest instalment of Steinberg's Groove Agent contains over 30 new kits, perfect for aspiring songwriter's to create their own grooves. With a new and improved acoustic kit with 20 mix-ready presets and MIDI grooves.

There is also something for the beatmakers, with 30 new electronic kits, for EDM, Trap and Future Bass. Beat Agent kits now are not only including beat patterns but also samples like basses, small melody parts or noises.

That's not all! You can design your own sounds with Decompose! A sound designer's dream: load a sample and separate it easily into the tonal and the noise part. After that, you can easily drag and drop each part on pads of Groove Agent and layer your drums


  • New high-end acoustic kit recorded in Teldex
  • Studios Berlin
  • New kits for EDM, Trap, Future Bass
  • 20 new MIDI Styles with intro, outro and fills
  • Decompose samples in noise and tonal
  • External live sampling directly in Groove Agent
  • Style Player for Beat Agent kits
  • Pre-listening Styles and Pads
  • New definable auto complexity mode
  • Resizable user interface
  • HiDPI support
  • AAX support

Groove Agent v5.0.40
Improvement macOS: Compatible with macOS Big Sur on Intel Systems

Groove Agent v5.0.30
GA-4923 Added uninstaller for Mac.

Added Drag and Drop of samples from the mapping view to Cubase and other destinations that accept wav-files.

"Export Kit with Samples" option now remembers last used path.

HALLY-8307 Fixed possible crash during recording with Cubase and GA5 SE
HALLY-8302 Fixed possible crash using Decompose with GA5 standalone
HALLY-8273 Fixed possible crash with Cubase 10 and GA5
HALLY-8266, HALLY8249, HALLY-8187, HALLY-8182, HALLY8169
Fixed possible crashes on opening / closing Cubase 10.5 projects containing GA5 SE
HALLY-8150 Fixed broken "Global Quantize" function in pattern editor
HALLY-8119 Fixed serious error with 64 GA SE instances in a project
HALLY-8020 Fixed possible crash while previewing in the Cubase MediaBay Rack
GA-4938 Fixed possible crash when closing Cubase project containing GA5 SE
GA-4930 Fixed non-functional "The Kit" UI when loading "The Kit" into Slot 2, 3or 4 (requires Content Download)
Fixed cracking, distortion and noise with Tube Saturator working in 96 kHz
GA -4864 Fixed non-working choke feature for "The Kit SE"
GA-4847 Fixed possible crash with pattern editing in combination with the slice mode
GA-4574 Fixed issue where it was not possible to adjust the preview volume in "Prelisten in Place" mode
GA-3506 Fixed hanging notes issue when recording from MIDI Out
GA-4944 Fixed issue where renamed instrument pad names were not be updated in the pattern editor
GA-4842 Improved Solo / Mute behavior for pads with a key range

Groove Agent v5.0.20.207

Fixed issue where round robin didn't work on REX slices.
Fixed issue where the GUI size was not restored from project.
Fixed pad preset loading: Settings for Pad
Polyphony weren't stored.
Fixed issue where the waveform visibility state in the envelope editors wasn't stored.
Improved: Dragging an instrument preset from the browser switches automatically to the instrument page.
Added plug-in name to Missing Samples dialog caption.
Fixed: Missing possibillity to remove Sound Component tag.
Fixed: Incorrectly displayed Replace Samples dialog on 4k display with "High DPI Mode" set to OFF.
Fixed: Note Repeat keyboard coloring on keyboard always overwrites instrument pad colors.
Fixed issue where adjusting parameters via CC121 could temporarily freeze host and plug-in.
Fixed: Song position was not correct with "Follow Transport" active but Pattern Pad "Sync to Beat" turned off.
Fixed missing controller messages on MIDI output.
Fixed issue where "Mute Instrument Trigger on Editor" refuses to work after re-opening
the plug-in UI.
Fixed resize issue on reopening standalone application
Fixed tempo sync issue in Frequency Shifter where S&H frequency disappeared.
Fixed issue where the Pad Exclusive Group setting on a Beat Agent pad didn't work.
Fixed repeating audio buffer issue with alternate loop mode.
Fixed crash when loading instance presets, while playing back a MIDI file from the browser.
Fixed crash when loading logic project.
Fixed crash when trying to load multiple kits at once.
Fixed issue where shortly triggered instrument pads remained illuminated while other instrument pad was held.
The standalone icon was updated.
Fixed crash when loading Studio Kit SE preset

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  • bertolip
    16 December 2018 15:41
    • Hi to everyone,
      but it's the original ... without "care".
  • shyriu42
    17 June 2019 18:10
    • checksum error
  • angshumandewan
    17 June 2019 20:34
    • how to install.. Is this a crack one
  • shyriu42
    26 June 2019 11:21
    • checksum error files 1 2 9
  • shyriu42
    27 July 2019 12:05
    • are the files 1 2 9 RE UPLOAD ? cause checksum error
  • diggercr
    8 September 2019 15:50
    • Original one. How to install or where is the cure?

      Was able to install eLicenser but no license for GA
  • rumb
    24 August 2020 10:42
    • на видео: - Чувак увлёкся бочкой. Где есть нормальное видео, а не с этим идиотом? Я знаю, что в ю-тубе есть видео, но вы должны правильно и грамотно оформить раздачу (Грамотное видео, описание и т.д.)
  • guitarplayer2007
    24 August 2020 15:46
    • I have actually Bought it a while ago, I don't even use it. I was disappointed because too hard to use, more like Reason's drummer which is more like a sequencer. To me it does not even get close to BFD3,Easy&Superior and AD.I do Love the Daw which is my Main one. music
  • trespass
    4 May 2021 11:19
    • Quote: shyriu42
      are the files 1 2 9 RE UPLOAD ? cause checksum error

      Use last version of Winrar or Win7zip


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