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Diezel VH4 (Plugin Alliance)

In 1994, unimpressed with and tired of the tones available in other amps, Peter Diezel set out to create his perfect sound by building his own amp, the Diezel VH4. Once the word got out, the VH4 quickly established itself as a serious guitarist’s must have amp, making its way to the rigs of such legends as Metallica, Tool, Journey and many others. At the time the VH4 was released, it was a truly revolutionary design that offered a ton of flexibility and user-friendly features. To this day, the Diezel VH4 lives in a league of its own.

At the heart of the VH4 is a 100 watt output section coupled with four distinct preamp channels that provide everything from ultra clean tones to massively distorted madness. The four channels (Clean; Crunch; Mega and Lead) are packed with unparalleled tonality, definition and superb clarity. At lower gain settings, you can easily play with the now-classic Diezel sparkly sheen. But kick the gain up a notch and you'll take the Clean channel into the more aggressive Townshend/Hiwatt zone.

Software xARTEF3KTx 20.01.2022 1

Diezel Herbert (Plugin Alliance)

As the sound of heavily down-tuned rock and metal exploded in the past two decades, a new need arose for guitarists who seek an amp that can handle it. And this is exactly what this ultra-powerful amp was made for! The unique 180-Watt Diezel Herbert can easily take on the massive headroom needed for high-output guitar tones. With the Herbert you can easily dial in a huge clean tone or an all-hell-breaks-loose distortion that will cut through the mix like nothing else. A truly timeless piece of gear and after 15+ years on the market, the Diezel Herbert is still the go-to choice for anyone looking to achieve those modern tones that are a key pillar in today’s heavy rock and metal arenas. And once you switch to Channel 1 you'll be blown away by just how elegant this amp can handle your clean chords and licks!

Software xARTEF3KTx 20.01.2022 1

Skillshare Learn Beat Making in FL Studio: Beatmaking, Drum Programming and Music Composition for Hip-Hop & Rap

Lerning robinhood74 19.01.2022 0

Skillshare Mixing With Your Eyes: Smart Music & Audio Mixing, Visual Equalization and Compression Techniques

Lerning robinhood74 19.01.2022 0

Oszillos Mega Scope & Spectrum Bundle

Software arbit 19.01.2022 0

ENGL Savage 120 Amp Sim (Plugin Alliance)

Get the powerful tones and satisfying dynamics of the legendary Savage 120 studio amp head from ENGL, in your DAW.

The Savage 120 Amplifier embodies ENGL’s rich legacy of creating metal machines for delivering truly punishing tones, with clear dynamics and tremendous sonic variety.

It’s a long time studio favorite of artists like Exodus’ Gary Holt, Borgir, Evanescence, and even Brainworx’ own Dirk Ulrich, who has called it “one of the easiest amps to record with” and “THE recording amp for the hard-rocking musician.”

The Savage 120 set new standards in modern Rock music with its unique sound. With its remarkably fast attack and quick responsiveness to the player’s dynamic choices, the secret to the Savage’s success is in its midrange, which cuts through a mix without ever sounding harsh.

Although the ENGL Savage 120 was used in many famous Rock productions, make no mistake: this amp can deliver a HUGE variety of tones, ranging from crisp and clean, to crunchy, to heavy f***ing Metal.

This incredible tonal flexibility comes from the 4 channel layout of the amp, with a dedicated Clean channel, two separate Crunch channels, and a super-saturated Lead channel, all supported by two discrete EQs and a wide selection of additional features.

With punchy headroom and dynamics for days, this flexible 4-channel head is an ideal choice for the heart of a modern rock rig. And now, it’s available natively in your DAW. Developed by Brainworx, the ENGL Savage 120 Amplifier plugin is an exacting emulation of this beastly, standard-bearing tone monster.

Brainworx engineers recreated every feature and unique property of this amp with component-level modeling and then added their flagship FX Rack which provides extremely useful onboard effects like a noise gate, lo-fi delay, filtering, and internal power soak.

Probably the most notable feature on the FX rack is the ability to select recording chains—a standard feature on all Brainworx amps powered by more than 100 impulse responses captured with an array of boutique cabinets, microphones, and effects.

Software xARTEF3KTx 19.01.2022 1

Toontrack EZX Duality II Expansion (EZ Drummer 2)

This EZX features mix-ready sounds tailored for bright, metallic and progressive hard rock and metal. It was designed to offer a polarizing sound ideal to its sibling, the Duality I EZX. Both EZXs were recorded by engineer Jakob Herrmann (Evergrey, Raised Fist, Amaranthe) and drummer Alex Landenburg (Kamelot, Cyhra, Mekong Delta) during the same session at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. Duality II EZX includes one full kit as well as a total of six bass drums, eight snares and a staggering range of cymbals.

In addition to the sounds, this EZX also includes a custom MIDI library as well as a collection of presets engineered to provide different takes on the core kit along with creative hybrids constructed using the large pool of additional kicks, snares and cymbal content.

When two objects – worlds, stars, planets, waves, storms – collide, they either form a clash of epic proportions decimating almost any and all things in its way, or they meld and mesh into an an awe-inspiring coherent force of energy. The Duality EZXs are an example of the latter. Welcome to two contrasting batteries of drums that balance on the divide between polarizing sonic ideals – each great on its own, but awesome together.

Libraries xARTEF3KTx 19.01.2022 1

Toneforge Jeff Loomis

Toneforge Jeff Loomis is the perfect virtual guitar tone solution in audio plugin and standalone app formats for the studio and the stage, brought to you by Joey Sturgis Tones, producer Jens Bogren and legendary guitarist Jeff Loomis!

Software xARTEF3KTx 18.01.2022 1

Hit 'n' Mix Ripx DeepRemix

Cutting edge remix software that splits full-mix stereo MP3s, WAVs and most mainstream file formats into voice, drums, bass, keyboard, guitar, sound effects and other layers.

Software xARTEF3KTx 18.01.2022 2

dibiquadroaudio saturnlo

Software nuel2001 18.01.2022 0

DibiQuadro mercuryrec

Software nuel2001 18.01.2022 0

Khemics – Industry Essentials (Bundle Kit)

Libraries wjdzo121 18.01.2022 0

Band in a Box 2022

PG Music Band in A Box 2022

Software Jambuw 17.01.2022 0

UVI Falcon.OSX

UVI Falcon for Imac

Libraries Neculaita 15.01.2022 2

Swam Solo Woodwinds 3

Software sevenyann1 14.01.2022 1

Arturia Sound Banks Bundle 2022 [MacOS]

Software rubio11 14.01.2022 3

Sonible plugins for Mac

Sonnible plugins for mac are needed

Software arbit 13.01.2022 2

SPL Transient Designer Plus

SPL Transient Designer Plus from Plugin Alliance.
The King of Level-Independent Transient Tools. Evolved

Software arbit 13.01.2022 1

Earth Tone Balkan Sax, Earth Tone Balkan Clarinet


Libraries Marton8 12.01.2022 0

Black Octopus Sound Misirlou by Basement Freaks

Please can you re-upload this amazing library again?

Libraries Marton8 12.01.2022 0
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