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omnia choir

Libraries justdrevst21 03.12.2022 0

phil speiser the instrument

Software justdrevst21 03.12.2022 0

Cluster Sound - Crumar Bit One for Kontakt and Live

Designed by Mario Maggi (the creator of the Elka Synthex) and released by Crumar during the mid 80’s, the Bit One is a very versatile six voices synth with tons of character. Originally conceived to compete against the Polysix and Juno 106, this compact black tank went further by implementing a dual-osc voice structure, more similar to that of the OB-8 and Prophet 5. The 2 DCOs, 6 CEM filters, 6 VCAs, 2 LFOs each per voice and a powerful duophonic Unison effect make the Bit One a very fat and flexible hybrid synthesizer.

Libraries Antitone 03.12.2022 0

Cluster Sound - Korg DS -8 for Kontakt and Live

Released in 1986, the DS-8 was the Korg’s attempt to provide an easier way to access FM synthesis, one the most enigmatic synth architecture ever made. The abstract concepts of algorithms, operators, carriers and modulators were therefore translated into more intuitive analog-like parameters to look more meaningful for musicians. This particular design deeply contributed to define the strong character of this synth and made it possible to create interesting FM sounds never heard on the popular DX7.

Libraries Antitone 03.12.2022 0


Based on Streaky's 25 years of experience at the top level, he has distilled his knowledge into a simple to follow process - from the mix right through to delivery.

Streaky's Clients include Ed Sheeran, Skepta, Paul Weller, Naughty Boy, Jonas Blue, Groove name drop but a few!

Lerning manchoaudioz 02.12.2022 0

Streaky Academy Ozone 10 Start to Finish Mastering Course

Ozone 10
Start to Finish Mastering Course
Learn how to master any track like the pros in Ozone 10!

Lerning manchoaudioz 02.12.2022 0

Reworked Soul Selections

Libraries generalys 02.12.2022 0

hearth and hollow

seems to be brilliant and fun to play with this library
jon meyer put a video on youtube about it

thanks for all of you

Libraries vielfaure 01.12.2022 1


Since its release in 2002, the microKORG has been loved by more musicians around the world than any other hardware synth in music history. Following the first generation microKORG, a number of variations were introduced, including the microKORG XL released in 2009 and the microKORG S with 2+1 speakers, as well as many color variations.

The microKORG was born out of a desire to bring the appeal and fun of synthesizers to beginner and professional musicians, track makers, and creators everywhere. Korg easily achieved this goal,creating a wildly successful synthesizer that was not only compact andeasy to use but sounded amazing.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of its release, the original "microKORG" will be reintroduced as software: microKORG for Mac/Win.

Software Ketch50 30.11.2022 0

STL Amphub / STL Controlhub/ STL Tonehub

Guitar Amp Sim and Mixer and Another GUitar amp sim

Libraries BullShane 30.11.2022 0

Orchestration Recipes Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3

Orchestation courses on Specific styles of ORchestratng to get certain types of sounds and colours.

Libraries BullShane 30.11.2022 1

Orchestration Recipes

Its A small online course with videos and pdf's for orchestration recipes for specific sound.

Lerning BullShane 30.11.2022 1

Kiive xtressor R2R

Software nuel2001 28.11.2022 0

Puremix Snarky Puppy & Nic Hard - Live Recording

Libraries cam 27.11.2022 0

Tonepusher - Gesaffelstones

please :)

Libraries kas 27.11.2022 0

SoundPaint All Bundle

Soundpaint™ is a Sonic Multiverse of Instruments.

The Sountpaint All Bundle offers you full command of all available Soundpaint Instruments at the time of your purchase.

The Soundpaint All Bundle offers you full command of the current Soundpaint Instrument collection. Anything from pro-graded cinema instruments to historical- and Ultra Deep-Sampled Vintage Synths. Or perhaps the most accurate drum machines ever sampled or Soulful Guitars. Maybe you just wanna morph it all together?

The Soundpaint All Bundle offers you the deepest- and most diverse access to all our current instruments. Feel the kinetic magic as Soundpaint offers you 127 dynamic layers for all velocity-based instruments. The All Bundle also includes the highest-fidelity versions (Ultra Deep-Sampled UDS) of the libraries.

Libraries arkain 25.11.2022 0

SoundPaint All Bundle

Libraries arkain 25.11.2022 1

Audiolounge E Funk Drums AL D4

We proudly present the new E Funk Drum AL D4
Expandable Drum Machine

The new Drum Machines are perfect for 80s stuff boogie/Nu funk, disco, nu disco, synthwave,
synthpop, italo disco, Modern stuff ...... everything that a good production in this genre needs.

The E Funk Drums AL D4 start in the basic version with 3 drum machines cartridges
and can then be upgraded with the extensions.
6 expansions are already available and many more will follow :)
The E Funk Drums are therefore also a perfect addition to the E Funk Synth :)

Software mrfloss2123 25.11.2022 1

Audiolounge "E Funk Synth

The Ultimate
80s Electro Funk, Boogie Funk, Synthwave, Italo Disco, 80s Pop, G-Funk ,Nu Disco,
Disco Funk, Modern Disco expandable Synth Preset Playe

Fat Boogie Analog Basses, Analog Brasses, 80s Synth Bells, Funky Leads, Pads, Strings........
All sound programmed on the original 80s Analog Keyboards and recorded on high end studio gear

"do you want to sound like:
Bruno Mars, Chromeo, Cool Million, Magoo, Kazzey, Dabeull, Evelyn"Champagne King,
Kashif, DTrain, Melba Moore, Jeff Lorber, The System, Starpoint, Total Contrast,
Zapp and Roger, Gap Band, Denise Williams, etc.

then this new plug-in is just right for you" :)

Software mrfloss2123 25.11.2022 1

Everything Bundle

Type: Construction Kits, Samples & Loops, MIDI Loops, Presets Serum, Presets Sylenth1, DAW Templates, FL Studio

6 MIDI Plugins/33 FX Plugins/2 Synthesizers/40 Sample Packs

Libraries Spiritualist 24.11.2022 0
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