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Tracktion F.’em Synth MAC

F.’em is one of the most powerful FM Synthesizers ever made, taking advantage of modern CPU resources to process its freely configurable 11 operator matrix. It’s a hybrid quad-timbral synthesizer that can function as an FM, VA and Sample based instrument, with the added bonus of a dual multimode filter, a complex effect section and an incredibly flexible modulation matrix.

Software shademan 15.06.2021 0

Toontrack Superoir Drummer 3.2.4 for Windows

Software jazzman21 15.06.2021 0

MPC Expansion "Soul Provider 3" Standalone (WAV) (MAC)

Libraries 4thMeasure 14.06.2021 0


Under the A-class mentorship of the pioneers of melodic techno, this Masterclass consists of 32 classes, divided into eight modules, totaling more than six hours of tricks, secrets and tips shared by these two Beatport bestsellers.

Lerning Deejlk 13.06.2021 0

Baby Audio "Parallel Aggressor"

For Mac Please...

Software 4thMeasure 12.06.2021 0

Destiny - Cymatics Pack

Libraries fishtaco 11.06.2021 0

Ilya Efimov - Nylon Guitar [KONTAKT]

Libraries attilaltan 11.06.2021 0


UNDRGRND Sounds presents the ultimate MIDI collection for electronic music production. Over 1500 carefully crafted, curated and organised MIDI files imbued with key-musical features across a massive range of use cases.

Say goodbye to musically stale dance-music production in the form of a package that spans everything from the complex-harmonies of deep-house, piano specific melodic riffs, acid baselines, sequenced leads, house stabs, funky OG bass-lines and much much more...

Every possible MIDI variation that could be useful has been included and carefully labelled for ease of use, 100% royalty free.

We’ve organised all of the files by sound-type, key, bpm and more so it’s easy to incorporate into your workflow without having to know ANY music-theory. However if you know your stuff all the files are fantastic jumping-off inspiration points as well as massive time savers.

The files come from key UNDRGRND Sounds collections as well as 400+ new MIDI samples unique to the MIDI collection itself!

Libraries antop 10.06.2021 0

Audio file browser/tagger/compiler/clip-player

Hi guys. Anyone know of a audio file browser/organiser?. I have so many files that its a pain to compile them all in some sort or order and be able to find them straight away. Someone suggested MidiKit but that's only available for MAC users. I'm finding that I'm using the same files nearly all the time because I know what they are and where to find them. Any suggestions and links would be much appreciated.

Software arko66 09.06.2021 0

Softube Chandler Limited® Zener-Bender [Mac OSX]

A powerful and musical modern plug-in channel strip with the unique vintage sound of Chandler Limited®, the Zener-Bender combines the crisp and colorful character of the Curve Bender Mastering Equalizer with the big, punchy Zener Limiter to bring class, history, and most crucially of all, a phenomenal sonic impact. Component-modeled with Softube’s customary care and experience, these units together can take charge of any mix.

Software Aesthetic 08.06.2021 0

Tube-Tech Complete Collection [Mac OSX]

Comprised of three separate units, the passive tube-driven PE 1C and ME 1B ‘Pultec’-style equalizers and the world-famous CL 1B optical compressor, it brings warm, punchy analog sound to any production, and represents the very best in quality and versatility available for the modern DAW-based studio, or anywhere else for that matter.

Software Aesthetic 08.06.2021 2

Soul Child Sample Pack 2

DopeBoyKits is proud to present the Soul Child Sample Pack 2, the second release of the exclusive sample pack series, only available on

The pack comes with a total of 13 soulful compositions and stems, all composed by Tommaso & Alessandro Pinto, with additional live instrumentation from professional musicians from all over the world including bass, guitar, flute, strings, horns and vocals.

Libraries robinhood74 08.06.2021 1

Soul Child Sample Pack

DopeBoyKits is proud to present the Soul Child Sample Pack, the first release of an exclusive sample pack series, only available on

The pack comes with a total of 14 soulful compositions and stems, all composed and recorded with a real 73-key Fender Rhodes Mark 1 stage piano by Tommaso Pinto, with additional live instrumentation from professional musicians from all over the world including bass, guitar, flute, strings & horns.

Libraries robinhood74 08.06.2021 1

Scintilla Sample Pack Vol.10

The Scintilla Sample Pack Vol.10 comes with 12 original compositions + stems with bpm and key info, ready for you to sample, flip and get creative with.

Scintilla is italian for "spark" and no matter if you're looking for something aggressive, smooth, Hip Hop, R&B or Trap, this pack will spark some creative ideas for sure!
Samples from the Scintilla series can be heard on songs by Jeezy, Tory Lanez, Ty Dolla $ign, Jhené Aiko, H.E.R. and King Combs.

Libraries robinhood74 08.06.2021 1

Billboard Bangers Sample Pack 2

A mix of contemporary Hip Hop, Trap, R&B and Pop melodies, bleding the sound of acoustic and electric guitar with vintage synth sounds and dreamy vocal textures.
These unique samples feature a variety of sonics that can be found in todays chart topping hit songs and provide a great foundation for your next potential banger.

Libraries robinhood74 08.06.2021 1


Libraries kikolmx 08.06.2021 0

Isotonik Arpex (Max for Live)

ARPEX is an expressive arpeggiator Max for Live device. It works just like a regular arpeggiator with the addition of MPEfunctionality. Incoming MPE slide and pressure data is used to control the octave transposition and note duration for each individual note.

Software Zipppo 08.06.2021 0

Isotonik Pathways (Max for Live)

Pathways is a sample-based Max for Live instrument that allows users to draw paths (made of small points) for sample playback over a spectrogram interface. The playback path is based on which points were drawn first to last, allowing for all kinds of linear and nonlinear playback possibilities. It offers two playback modes that support a variable rate of playback (and freezing) without altering the pitch.

Software Zipppo 08.06.2021 0

Isotonik Slink (Max for Live)

Slink is an automated filter bank MaxforLive device that creates anything from extreme spectral stereo morphing to subtle tonal variations. It is designed to give fast results while allowing plenty of in-depth tweaking for the curious explorer.

Software Zipppo 08.06.2021 0

K-Devices Modulators21 (Max for Live)

Modulation Super Powers for Ableton Live!
6 incredible Max For Live devices conceived to shine a new light on the power of modulation

Software Zipppo 08.06.2021 0
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