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General Rules

Strictly forbidden (you will get banned for this):

  • SPAM
  • foul language
  • discrimination
  • insulting other members
  • trolling
  • advertising other resources


All accounts without activity within a period of 6 months will be deleted. This action is automatic and is not reversible. If this happens, then your only option is to create another one because we cannot recover it. This measure was implemented to free resources for active users and to make sure your account is not deleted you just need to login every 6 months at least one time.


Our site has a very powerful filtering system of the news. It allows you to find more precisely what you're looking for.

For example, to find all news with the following parameters:
file format: KONTAKT + genre: EDM + category: Sound FX (for Music)

Our main page contains 3 news blocks:

  • Last Fresh Releases - where you can track last 20 releases not older than 3 weeks, or those that weren't published anywhere yet. All fresh releases you can see on the fresh news page.
  • Last Archive Releases - last 20 releases older than 3 weeks.
  • Last Reuploaded Releases - last 10 releases that has been re-uploaded at the request of our visitors.


Comments are open to discuss of releases, not to make pointless statements, news requests or ask for re-upload. Do not post the mirror links in the comments. These links will be deleted.

You can subscribe to comments to receive follow-ups when new comment is posted, you can also reset your subscriptions in your user profile.

Chat Room

Chat Room are open to chat with other site visitors, to ask questions, share experiences or ideas, discuss of releases, not for advertising other resources or making pointless statements or ask for re-upload. Also not for SPAM, discrimination or trolling. Do not post the mirror links to download in the chat room. These links will be deleted. Also forbidden to ask & share filehost's Premium accounts!

Reupload Requests

To request a re-upload files you just need to click the button "Re-upload please!" at the bottom of the post. You can be sure, our team will re-upload files for you in 24 hours. There is a limit to the requests: 1 request for each user. If you exceed this limit you can't send requests until that time, until at least one of your requests will be completed. Then you will be able to send request again. Please, try not send a fake requests. Do not create multiple accounts for sending reupload requests. You will be banned for this action. Please read the reupload rules before send a request.

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